Hold to Account

Where a suspicion is raised that fraud, bribery or corruption may have taken place, we are able to react quickly to ensure that your organisation is able to seek the appropriate sanctions and maximise the recovery of any defrauded sums.

We have a wealth of experience in this area. All of our staff are experienced criminal investigators and we operate robust internal quality assurance processes to ensure that we comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements. As well as offering criminal investigation, we are also able to support internal investigations to ensure that the appropriate disciplinary outcomes are achieved. We also provide support and advice in relation to the recovery of funds lost to fraud, bribery and corruption.




Example Investigation

We investigated a Bereavement Advisor working within a large NHS hospital Trust. During the course of our investigation, we uncovered evidence proving that the suspect had fraudulently falsified numerous documents in order to obtain property to the value of over £750k from the estates of deceased patients. The suspect maintained a lifestyle that would otherwise be unaffordable, purchasing flats, high performance cars and a narrowboat with her criminal gains. The suspect was successfully prosecuted and was jailed for 5 years.