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BAF and GBAF Benchmarking Report

The Assurance Framework is a key aspect of good governance in all organisations.  A properly functioning process will provide Governing Body/ Board Members with an understanding of the principal risks to their strategic objectives and the controls in place to manage those risks. We have reviewed a range of Assurance Frameworks across a number of … Read More

Charitable Fundraising Activity – Survey Results

This briefing outlines the results of our survey of Charitable Fundraising Activity.

Developing a Framework for Board/ Governing Body Assurance

In conjunction with the Good Governance Institute (GGI), 360 Assurance has produced a guidance document examining the governance arrangements that support a robust assurance framework. The process commenced with a workshop in September 2013 jointly run by the GGI and 360 Assurance, to which all 360 Assurance clients were invited. The workshop examined the principles … Read More