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Within this section we will publish articles that are of interest, provide details of 360 led events, publish 360 Assurance publications and provide details of 360 Assurance achievements.

Fraudulent Times

This quarterly Counter Fraud newsletter has been designed to highlight topical areas of fraud within the NHS and raise awareness of why we need to combat it effectively. By giving interesting case examples, this newsletter will help you to identify what fraud is and offers the correct reporting lines if you suspect fraud is occurring within your organisation.

Audit Committee Maturity Matrix

Working with the Good Governance Institute and Audit Yorkshire (including through workshops earlier this year attended by a large number of Non-Executive Directors), we have produced an Audit Committee Maturity Matrix for Audit Committees to use to assess themselves and monitor their own progress. Click the picture below to see the full report. If you would like a copy of the matrix as an Excel document that you can record your self-assessment on then please contact us.

Primary Medical Care Services Benchmarking

This report provides the summary outcomes of the Internal Audit work completed across our CCG clients in 2018/19 related to the NHS England Internal Audit Framework for Primary Care Commissioning and Contracting.

Click here or on the image below to read the full report.

The relationship between Audit Committee and other Board/Governing Body Sub-Committees

This paper outlines the theory and practical implementation around the role of the Audit Committee vis a vis other Board/Governing Body sub-committees, from a sample of Providers and Commissioners across the East Midlands and Yorkshire. Click here or on the picture below to view the report.


Additional 360 Assurance Services

Did you know that 360 Assurance is able to offer Fire risk assessment services, Health & Safety risk assessment services and Emergency Planning/Business Continuity Services?

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NHS Annual Governance Statements – A discussion paper

We have undertaken analysis on Provider and Commissioner Annual Governance Statements and drawn out some areas for consideration in this discussion paper.