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Within this section we will publish articles that are of interest, provide details of 360 led events, publish 360 Assurance publications and provide details of 360 Assurance achievements.

IPR Benchmarking

Integrated Performance Reports (IPRs) are a means for organisations to monitor performance of those areas identified as national health priorities or that impact most on their strategic objectives.

The purpose of IPRs is to support good decision making, and to monitor the effect of decisions on outcomes. As part of a cohesive performance management framework, the IPR should provide information regarding the performance of key indicators in an easily understood and accurate manner.

We have reviewed the content of 14 NHS provider IPRs (six mental health and eight acute) to understand the extent of variability across similar organisations and the reports below identify methodologies and approaches being taken by NHS Trusts with regards to integrated performance, identifying both common and good practice.

We have also included a self-assessment tool comprising twelve key questions which should help you gain useful insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your own IPR.

Please click on the images below to access the reports.

Assurance on Clinical Audit

We have analysed the information and assurance provided to board committees in relation to clinical audit across our NHS provider clients and compared this to the suggested practice in the HFMA Audit Committee Handbook (2018) and the HQIP documents, Best Practice in Clinical Audit (2020) and Good Governance Handbook (2015).

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CCG Complaints Policies

We examined 17 CCG complaints policies and compared the contents of the policies and assessed the processes and procedures (as far as was possible from what was captured in the policies) against the Regulations and some of the key national guidance documents. The resulting report contains a number of possible flowcharts based on our findings as well as good examples of text under different policy headings.

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Counter Fraud Managers’ Group Briefings

360 Assurance is a member of the NHS Counter Fraud Managers’ Group (CFMG). In response to the rise in risk and the quantity of scams being seen across the country, it was agreed that we would collect information from CFMG partners nationwide and produce a briefing paper, aimed at Directors of Finance, to be shared weekly. These will be made available via the website where they do not contain sensitive information. Click on the image below for the latest edition or on the title of this post to access previous editions.


Governance Changes as a result of COVID-19

This briefing summarises what our NHS clients have told us they are doing around strategic governance, financial governance, and fraud in response to COVID-19, as well as outlining areas for consideration and good practice.

Fraudulent Times – February

This quarterly Counter Fraud newsletter has been designed to highlight topical areas of fraud within the NHS and raise awareness of why we need to combat it effectively. By giving interesting case examples, this newsletter will help you to identify what fraud is and offers the correct reporting lines if you suspect fraud is occurring within your organisation.