Benchmarking report: Integrated Performance Reporting

Effective leadership and management of an organisation relies on accurate and appropriate information to demonstrate how the organisation is performing and to highlight where management action may be required.

The volume of information available is substantial, covering a wide range of areas such as patient experience, clinical safety, financial performance and organisational efficiency.

This presents organisations with a challenge – how to ensure that the right information is presented to the right people in the right way.

The use of a corporate dashboard that draws together a wide range of indicators may provide a fuller picture of the organisation, enabling managers to see the relationships between costs, efficiency and clinical outcomes.

But there is a danger of data overload and the risk that key messages regarding deteriorating performance or areas of potential concern are lost within the mass of information being communicated.

In this paper, 360 Assurance evaluates the information presented within a sample of Acute Trusts’ Integrated Board Reports (or equivalent). We highlight the different approaches to reporting, the range of information that is presented and those indicators that are included most commonly by Acute Trusts.

We also pose a number of key questions, to challenge whether you have achieved the optimal approach to reporting performance to your Board. Click the image below to view the