Monthly Insight Reports

360 Assurance is a member of The Internal Audit Network (TIAN) which comprises the 10 NHS internal audit consortiums and in house teams operating in England. These organisations collaborate across a number of areas to leverage their collective knowledge and expertise and drive efficiency and effectiveness. The monthly insight report highlights key publications and is intended as a useful update and reference tool. This report is produced by TIAN and shared by 360 Assurance.

Please click the image below for the latest edition (May 2021) or the post title to access previous editions.

Counter Fraud Managers’ Group Briefings

360 Assurance is a member of the NHS Counter Fraud Managers’ Group (CFMG). In response to the rise in risk and the quantity of scams being seen across the country, it was agreed that we would collect information from CFMG partners nationwide and produce a briefing paper, aimed at Directors of Finance. These are made available via the website where they do not contain sensitive information. Click on the image below for the latest edition or on the post title to access previous editions. Please note that a public version of these is now only produced monthly – clicking on the image below will take you to the version published at the end of February.


Board Committees in Mental Health Trusts

Following specific requests from several clients last year, we have examined the structure and operation of Board committees within a sample of mental health trusts, including how their purpose and duties are described and relate to their reporting to Board.

Whilst we looked specifically at mental health trusts, much of the content is as applicable to acute and community trusts and CCGs.

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The impact of Covid-19 on Cyber Security within the NHS

360 Assurance, along with colleagues across The Internal Audit Network (TIAN) have surveyed senior staff within IT departments to understand the impact of Covid-19 on the NHS.

Our briefing paper sets out our key findings, and poses a number of questions aimed at Audit Committees and IT leaders, to assess whether an organisation might be exposed to risks arising from the impact of (and response to) Covid-19.

Ultimate Guide to Cyber Crime

360 Assurance’s Anti-Crime team have produced this guide to all things cyber crime, which is packed full of useful information about the most common types of cyber crime and offers real life examples of large scale cyber attacks to demonstrate the impact that these crimes can have on businesses and individuals alike. An essential reference tool to support you through this complex and evolving area.

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Fraudulent Times

Fraudulent Times is the regular awareness-raising magazine produced by the 360 Assurance’s Anti-Crime Team. This edition coincides with Fraud Awareness Month (incorporating International Fraud Awareness Week 15 to 21 November) and contains details of particular frauds to be aware of.

If you have any questions about fraud awareness initiatives in your organisation or want to discuss resources available, we’d encourage you to contact your Local Counter Fraud Specialist (contact details within the magazine).

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