PHB Fraud – Financial Governance – Page 4




The main PHB fraud risks are largely focussed around delivery of the support plan and the misuse or misappropriation of the funds provided by the NHS to pay for this support.

These risks include:

Deliberately failing to meet the requirements of the support plan – for example claiming that care has been provided when it has not.

Misusing the PHB – for example using the funds for purposes not agreed in the support plan or for the personal benefit of others.

Misappropriating PHB funds – such as making cash withdrawals from associated bank accounts and then covering this up by fraudulently recording it as legitimate expenditure or by submitting false or inflated receipts.

Financial abuse of vulnerable patients – For example, family members or friends abusing the PHB for their own financial gain.

Overstating health needs – Patients overstating their health and wellbeing needs in order to access additional money within their PHB.