PHB Fraud – Financial Governance – Page 7



If you suspect NHS fraud it is important that you:

Report it.

Don’t ignore it.

• Don’t investigate it yourself.

Your organisation will also have a fraud policy that provides full details of what to do if NHS fraud is suspected or identified.

Your organisation has a nominated and professionally accredited Local Counter Fraud Specialist who is able to investigate all suspicions of fraud. They should be your first point of contact if you have any concerns or questions about PHB fraud.

It is important that concerns about NHS fraud are only reported to either:

• Your Local Counter Fraud Specialist.

• Your Chief Finance Officer/Director of Finance.

• The NHS Counter Fraud Authority at or by calling 0800 028 40 60

Reporting concerns about NHS fraud to anyone else, including line managers, may mean that incorrect action is taken which could potentially compromise a criminal investigation.

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