Violence Prevention and Reduction

All providers and commissioners of NHS-funded services operating under the NHS Standard Contract must have regard to the NHS England  Violence Prevention and Reduction Standard. 360 Assurance can help to support your compliance with the standard through our comprehensive arrangements including:

Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression Training

Our training is led by a BTEC Level 3 qualified prevention and management of violence and aggression trainer. We can tailor courses and training to your needs covering the following areas:

  • Reducing conflict by recognising what it is and using a combination of knowledge, skills and professional behaviours to help anticipate potential conflict and proactively diffuse situations before they develop or escalate. This approach is preventative and may help to reduce any conflict.
  • Promoting safety through the use of legal, proportionate, and least restrictive approaches to conflict resolution, breakaway and disengagement techniques, physical restraint and mechanical restraint.

Courses may comprise of any or all of the following:

  • Professional, legal, and ethical practice
  • Use of force
  • Conflict and the stages of conflict/assault cycle
  • Response to conflict and learning from conflict situations
  • De-escalation of conflict
  • Communication/breakdown in communication/communication models
  • Cultural diversity
  • Strategic use of space
  • Environmental considerations
  • Dynamic risk assessment approach using SAFER / POP models
  • Warning and danger signs
  • Attitude and behaviour cycles
  • Physical restraint techniques
  • Physical disengagement/breakaway skills techniques
  • Importance of incident reporting and record keeping

Compliance Audits of violence prevention and reduction performance

We can provide audit and assessment. The standard requires organisations to have a process for auditing violence prevention and reduction performance that informs senior management review at least twice per year.

Strategy and Policy Development

We can support your organisation to develop a comprehensive violence prevention and reduction strategy and policy. Both can be tailored to your specific requirements, underpinned by workforce and workplace risk assessments and in line with relevant legislation and government guidance.

A comprehensive toolkit with trackable actions and auto-generating Board and assurance reports

We have developed a comprehensive toolkit that supports compliance with the Violence Prevention and Reduction Standard through trackable actions from confirming initial levels of compliance through to automatic generation of Board and assurance reports.

Please contact us for further information on how 360 Assurance can help your organisation prevent and manage violence and aggression.