Our Objectives and Values

Our Vision

To ensure there is provision of a high quality and effective, not for profit, shared service for independent assurance and consultancy services accessible to all


Our Mission

To be the provider of choice, working with our clients to achieve their aims by delivering our services in innovative ways that add value and support the complexities of partnerships and system working


Our Objectives

To provide high quality and innovative services, making a positive impact for our clients.

To be a great place to work, with an engaged workforce and a focus on wellbeing, empowerment, equality, diversity and inclusion.

To continue to grow and be a sustainable business, economically, socially and environmentally, whilst being a trusted partner to our clients


Our Values

Respect – we will be respectful to our clients and our colleagues, working in partnership to collectively meet our aims.

Compassion – we will be understanding of our clients’ and our colleagues’ needs, risks and ambitions.

Trust – we will earn the trust of our clients and our colleagues. We will be professional in all that we do, complying with professional standards and policies that guide us.

Integrity – we will demonstrate integrity throughout all we do, ensuring we are doing the right thing for the right reason. We will only do work that adds value to 360 Assurance and our clients. We will only make recommendations that make real improvements.


Our Behaviours

As part of Leicestershire Partnership Trust, we fully endorse and adopt the following leadership behaviours:


Further details on the specific behaviours associated with each of these can be found in the ‘It starts with me‘ booklet.