Our Objectives and Values

Our Vision


To be recognised as a provider of quality professional assurance services, improving and adding value to clients’ systems of governance, risk management & internal control.


Our Objectives


  • To embrace and focus on our public and healthcare sector knowledge and strengths.
  • To be assurance provider of choice in the East Midlands & South Yorkshire.
  • To demonstrate our work improves client systems of governance, risk management & internal control.
  • To provide services that are meaningful, relevant, make improvements and add value.
  • To be a service provider that is respected by and works in partnership with its members and clients.
  • To value and respect each other, making 360 Assurance a good place to work, where current employees want to stay and potential employees want to work.


Our Values


Trust – we will earn the trust of our clients and our colleagues.

Integrity – we will demonstrate integrity throughout all we do, ensuring we are doing the right thing for the right reason.

Understanding – we will be understanding of our clients’ and our colleagues’ needs, risks and ambitions.

Respect – we will be respectful to our clients and our colleagues, working in partnership to collectively meet our aims.

Value Added – we will only do work that adds value to 360 Assurance and our clients. We will only make recommendations that make real improvements.

Professionalism – we will be professional in all that we do, complying with professional standards and policies that guide us.