Counter Fraud


The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) estimates that fraud costs the NHS more than £1 billion each year – enough to pay for over 40,000 nurses. Many will be shocked to learn that some people, fortunately a small minority, seek to gain by targeting taxpayer funds that are meant for patient care, particularly at a time when NHS resources are under significant pressure. Ultimately, losses to fraud within the NHS will impact patient care. This affects us all, whether that be treatment we require ourselves or that needed by our friends and family.

Because fraud is a hidden crime, knowing about it is the first step in dealing with it.

Our team of Counter Fraud Specialists work closely with client organisations, not only facilitating compliance with the Government Functional Standard 013: Counter Fraud by supporting the completion of fraud risk assessments and undertaking a range of pro-active training sessions and awareness raising activities, but also developing programmes of proactive fraud detection exercises based on the organisation’s individual risk assessments and our excellent understanding of national, regional and local scams.

Our qualified and experienced investigators also respond to any concerns raised in relation to fraud, working in liaison with the NHSCFA and the Police where appropriate.

We need everyone to support a zero tolerance approach to fraud. While some staff involved in the fight against fraud have particular roles and responsibilities, everyone can and should play a part in tackling fraud against the NHS. How?

  • By being vigilant and knowing how to spot fraud
  • By knowing how to report fraud if you suspect it (see details below)
  • By following anti-fraud advice and guidance designed to stop fraud from happening in the first place
  • By spreading the anti-fraud message among your networks.

For more information about fraud against the NHS, please visit the NHSCFA’s website.

If you have any suspicions or concerns about fraud in the NHS you can:

  • Report them to us using our webform
  • Talk to your Counter Fraud Champion or Counter Fraud Specialist
  • Report them direct to the NHSCFA online or by calling 0800 028 4060 (available 24 hours).

All reports are treated in confidence, and you have the option to report anonymously.

For 360 Assurance clients: Please contact your counter fraud specialist (or email for details of additional resources available (including tailored website pages).